A San Diego, California, non-profit is using swmming to help veterans manage PTSD

2008 recession proved devastating not only to the economy but American lives after suicide numbers spiked in its wake. And for veterans at a high risk of unemployment and mental illness, experts say greater efforts are needed to support the population.

A nonprofit in San Diego is using a unique form of therapy to help veterans and their caregivers during this time.

“All I have to do is relax. Being able to get out of my head and literally not have to do anything for an hour, it’s amazing,” said Candra Murphy, an Air Force veteran.

In a pool heated to match the human temperature, veterans are transported to a state of calm.

“It’s often equated to if you were to go all the way back to being the womb, and that safety and serenity of being in the watery environment,” said Elizabeth Berg, executive director of Wave Academy.

But like many veterans sent to the aquatic therapy program, Murphy had her reservations.


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