Your Old Vehicle or Boat Can Help Beat PTSD and Help a Disabled Veteran Live a Better Life!

22 Million Veterans
Roughly 30% of our newest veterans have a service-related disability and almost 8% live in poverty.  16% of our older veteran population are similarly injured and 7% of that broader group are living in poverty.

20 Veteran Suicides Every Day
An American veteran takes his or her own life every 72 minutes of every day, all year long. This is a tragic loss of American heroes who gave everything defending America and freedom and democracy around the world.

Your Car Donation Will Help Veterans Live a Better Life
Donating your old vehicle, boat, or RV to DVEN will save you the time, hassle, and expense of trying to sell it yourself and will give us resources to support America’s veteran community.

You can donate to us in all 50 states and we will collect your vehicle and take care of all of the donation and processing details. Our vehicle donation program is unique because we take the time to make repairs to the vehicles we receive. This gives our donors a higher tax deduction and generates more dollars for our important programs.

We identify veteran organizations that are providing genuine support to the veteran community and provide monetary support to those programs through our vehicle donation program. The veteran programs we currently support are located at this link: veteran organizations DVEN supports.

Simply click the link below to have our team explain the donation process and provide an estimate on the amount of your tax deduction:

Thank you for visiting our website and reviewing our veteran assistance program. We hope that the DVEN* vehicle donation program supports your goals.

Warm regards,

Robert Hess

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Donate a vehicle

Donate a vehicle