Beating PTSD with a Bicycle

by Robert Hess

PTSD affects more than 1.7 million veterans and the resulting emotional depression contributes to the 22 daily military veteran suicides. That’s right; 22 veterans take their own lives every day. That’s over 8,000 lives lost every year.

Helping veterans beat PTSD is one of our key missions. Do a quick search or look at the bottom of the page and you’ll find links on how to get help for your self or maybe a battle buddy who’s dealing with the issue and doesn’t know it.

Below, I talk about how I personally manage my PTSD. It has worked for me since I was diagnosed. We’re all different and bicycling may not be something you have experience with. Please take a minute and read this post and feel free to contact me directly with any questions through the popup contact box on the website.

How I Manage my PTSD

If you’ve been in combat, the sounds, smells, and emotions never leave you. Some people are better at dealing with those emotions than others and we all have a tool or two that helps up cope.

Finding a useful way to deal with your PTSD can be challenging. My coping mechanism is bicycling. I’ve ridden over 30,000 miles since my PTSD was diagnosed.* Here’s how it helps me:

  • It gets me outside, which is always calming
  • The physical exercise releases my stress
  • Tracking my data gives me goals to hit
  • I make new friends

Let’s Beat our PTSD Together

If you live in Los Angeles we can ride together. If you live anywhere else and you belong to or, we can ride virtually. Here’s how:

Connect with us on either (or both) platforms and you’ll be part of the Vets Riding For Vets community helping our Battle Buddies beat PTSD.

You can find other PTSD resources here on the website on the PTSD page.

Hope to see you in the community!

picture of Disabled Empowerment Network Founder founder Robert Hess

US Army (R)
173rd Airborne
14th and 11th ACR
7/17th Air Cav
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* My diagnosis came after I approached the Veterans Administration and they connected me with an evaluator. Part of the process required me to write descriptions of the stressful combat situations I experienced during my two years. Putting everything on writing, along with pictures of my former battle buddy names on the wall brought everything to the surface and let me come to grips with it. I can’t tell you how much it helped me. If you are having challenges, call the VA hotline as soon as you can.]

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