June is PTSD Awareness Month

PTSD affects thousands of US military veterans and is a contributing factor to the extraordinarily high rate of military suicides – 22 veteran lives lost every day.

The mission of PTSD Awareness Month is to reach veterans and their families with the knowledge that effective treatments are available and connect them to those resources.

The U.S. Departement of Veterans Affairs has created a National Center for PTSD with a wealth of information about the condition and links to treatment options. The site includes resources to support family and friends of veterans coping with PTSD.

The PTSD Pledge

The Veterans Administration issued a call for organizations and individuals to take a pledge to help raise awareness of PTSD and support veterans dealing with the condition.

DVEN accepted the challenge and took the following steps to implement our pledge:

  • We created a simple PTSD checklist to help veterans and family members recognize the subtle symptoms – Common Symptoms of PTSD Checklist
  • Our CEO personally leads twice-weekly #StressBuster meetup rides on the Zwift virtual cycling platform – schedule
  • We’ve established the national VetsRally4Vets motorsports program for PTSD awareness. The inaugural event will travel from Los Angeles across the U.S. to Washington, DC in the June, 2021. Click the following link for details – 2021 VetsRally4Vets.

All veterans, their families, and supporters are invited to participate in our events.


Image courtesy of VA