Managing Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD)

A large percentage of American combat veterans suffer from PTSD and 20 veterans commit suicide every day. This is a tragedy your support can help stop.

image of PTSD Coach App logo

The National Center for PTSD aims at helping veterans learn more about and manage their symptoms of PTSD from anywhere. Through the PTSD Coach app veterans are able to use the built-in coping tools when they feel upset or stressed as well as creating a support network. The app lets veterans track their progress to see if symptoms are improving over time.

PTSD Coach App Updated

Recently, the app has been upgraded to include the following new features allowing users to:

  • make their own music playlists
  • upload their own photos
  • available in Spanish

Please share PTSD Coach with veterans in your network. PTSD is a silent killer and your sharing could save a veteran’s life.

Vehicle donations are a significant source of support for disabled veterans

Thank you for visiting the DVEN website. Vehicle donations generate approximately 57% of funding for our support programs.

If you have any type of vehicle you are considering donating, please visit our car donation website and talk with our wonderful donation team about how we can help you receive the greatest possible tax deduction while supporting America’s disabled veteran community.

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