Best Fitness Bicycles

New to bicycling? Take a minute and read our How to Get Started in Bicycling article.  We give you a simple 6-step process to get you going.

We here at DVEN are really into cycling because it’s so “great:” great for your immune system, great for getting an emotional high and giving stress the boot, great for staying fit, and a great way for meeting new friends. Pretty great, right!

A top of the line road bike can easily cost more than $6,000.00. Wow!

But if you are a recreational cyclist you don’t need to pay anywhere that.  You can be on the road and feeling the wind in your hair – not really because you need to wear a helmet! – for less than $700.00.

Bicycling Magazine is one of my favorite reads and Riley Missel recently published an excellent article on the best fitness bicycles. Here’s what she has to say in her article:

We’ll admit we’re biased, but there are few better ways to get in shape or maintain your fitness than riding a bicycle—and you don’t need a high-end road-racing model to do it. Fitness bikes (also known as hybrids) offer a balance of lightweight speed and a comfortable, confidence-inspiring upright riding position. Other features you’ll typically find are wider tires for smoothing out choppy pavement and (if you so choose) gravel, simple and sometimes maintenance-free drivetrains, and disc brakes for more control, especially on slick surfaces.”

Simply click on the “more” link to read Rilley’s full article and see her best picks: more.