Veterans Leading the Way in Beating COVID-19

You served your country and defended freedom, democracy, and the lives of your fellow citizens.  Now, you have an opportunity to serve once again – simply by wearing a mask – #MasksUp.

The science is clear: wearing a mask protects both the wearer and the others around them.

Does a face mask protect me, or just the people around me?

It likely provides protection for both.

Studies on the new coronavirus and other germs show wearing a mask helps stop infected people from spreading disease to others. Evidence also suggests that masks may offer some protection for the people wearing them.

The virus spreads from droplets people spray when they cough, sneeze, or talk. Surgical or cloth face masks can block most of those particles from spreading.

And masks may protect the people wearing them by reducing the amount of droplets from others that might make contact with them.

While some droplets may still spread out, wearing a mask could reduce the amount, providing a benefit to others.  Research shows people don’t get as sick when exposed to smaller amounts of virus, said Dr. Monica Gandhi, a virus expert at University of California, San Francisco.

It’s pretty clear that wearing a mask helps everyone.  So, how do we convince everyone to wear one?

As a proud veteran, I think the answer is simply to show people that wearing a mask is a patriotic duty.  It’s a simple thing each of us can do to help our fellow Americans; those very same people for whom we put our lives on the line.  COVID-19 is just a more insidious enemy, one we can’t see.

#VetsUp #MasksUp Challenge

I’m challenging all of my fellow veterans to join our #VetsUp #MasksUp campaign to lead America’s citizens forward in bringing COVID-19 under control and getting our country back to normal.

Are You Up to the #VetsUp #MasksUp Challenge?

If you are, send a picture of yourself in your mask with an American flag and we will send the first 500 one of our special DVEN masks.  Here’s where you send your picture: MasksUpChallenge @

Go Army! Hooah!

Robert Hess
US Army (R)

Disabled Veteran Empowerment Network Founder Robert Hess