Fast and Furious Green Mitsubishi Replica Build

This note is for our Fast and Furious fans!

Several months ago our charity received a donated 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse, the same model as the green Mitsubishi that was blown up in the first Fast and Furious film.
Our vehicle donation partner, Just Driven LLC, is refurbishing the car into a replica of Paul Walker’s green Mitsubishi in that first film.
 The very cool part of this program is that once it’s completed, we’re going to either auction or raffle the car with the proceeds going to support our disabled veteran programs.
You can follow the project on Just Driven’s YouTube channel.  Just Driven has done several Fast and Furious replica builds and we’re excited to see the Mitsubishi Eclipse come back to life.
Click on the video below to watch the first step of the program.
BTW, we are opening registration for our 2022 Top Dog track cross championship at Summit Point Raceway on 1 May 2022. Click this link for registration information: