Veteran Benefits with 10 Percent Disability

The Veterans Administration has a wide range of benefits for disabled veterans beginning at a minimum of 10% disability.

Who Qualifies for VA disability compensation?

You may be eligible for VA disability benefits or compensation if you have a current illness or injury (known as a condition) that affects your body or mind and you meet at least one of the requirements listed below.

Both of these must be true. You:

  • Served on active duty, active duty for training, or inactive duty training, and
  • Have a disability rating for your service-connected condition

And at least one of these must be true. You:

  • Got sick or injured while serving in the military—and can link this condition to your illness or injury (called an in-service disability claim), or
  • Had an illness or injury before you joined the military—and serving made it worse (called a preservice disability claim), or
  • Have a disability related to your active-duty service that didn’t appear until after you ended your service (called a postservice disability claim)

Presumed disabilities

Who’s covered?

  • Veterans
  • Qualified dependents

Register Online for VA Benefits

You can begin for benefits registration process online at the following link –

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