The Annual Top Dog® Motorsports Service Team Championship

A big part of DVEN’s programs is connecting veterans and their families to information and resources through our website.  But we also like to get out into our veteran community and connect with veterans on a personal basis to learn first-hand the issues they are facing and how we best can help.

I – Robert – have always had a fascination with sports cars, fueled by my tours of duty in German where I was able to drive my Porsche on the autobahn.  A few years ago I joined the SCCA – Sports Car Club of America – and began driving autocross and time trials on the track.  I always met several veterans at these events and the conversation often turned to the possibility of creating a military motorsports event.  Well, that event is here – the annual Top Dog Championship.

We structured the event so first-time drivers can safely drive on an actual race track. We put drivers in classes based on their driving experience and the type of vehicle they bring to ensure a level “driving field.”  [Watch the video below for highlights from our 2021 event at Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia, just 72.8 miles from the Pentagon.]

Teams have 10 drivers each. The team with the most points at the end of the day becomes the Top Dog and has their Service name inscribed on the trophy.

Family and spectators are welcome.  We are working on live streaming the event so that veterans and military families everywhere can root for their team!

By the way, Army took the Top Dog title in 2021.

Full details about the program are available on the event website –