How to Make an Easy COVID-19 Mask at Home

We received this information from one of our veteran community. Check out her YouTube video at right.

“The reason I’m reaching out because I have a free and easy to make a face mask to share with vulnerable communities.

My mask design is made with a cotton tee shirt and scissors. It requires no sewing, no tape or elastic or rubber bands (possible latex allergy concern). Each shirt could make up to 4 double-layered masks or 8 single-layered masks and can be done in two sizes (adult or child). This mask is also machine washable and kind to the environment. Here’s a link to my video for the how-to’s:

The instructions for this mask design are being translated into Haitian Creole and will be included as a resource for grantees currently working in Haiti. Please pass on this information and video if you think it could be helpful to others both near and far.”

It’s so easy to #CareAboutOthers