The One Thing You Should do on Memorial Day

Memorial Day marks the traditional beginning of Summer.  But it’s much more.

Memorial Day is the traditional beginning of the summer season in the US and on Memorial Day we have backyard barbecues,  we go to the pool or perhaps we take the family to the beach or on a road trip.

There are so many things to do on a long weekend but I suggest the one most impactful trip you can make on Memorial Day is to a national cemetery near you. to honor those who have served our nation.   I promise the visit will make a last impression.

How to Find a National Cemetery Near You
It’s easy to find a local national cemetery.  The Veterans Administration maintains a listing of all national cemeteries on the Internet at  Just click your state on the map for a list.  While not every state has a national cemetery, many states have established state veteran cemeteries.

But I believe Memorial Day 2022 is even more special with Ukraine fighting for its survival and to preserve democracy in Europe and for every democratic country around the world.

So, on this Memorial Day, I will be honoring the men and women of Ukraine along with America’s heroes who gave their lives for freedom and democracy.

Click this link for ways to support Ukraine –

Finally, a silent thank you and salute to all who have given their lives to preserve our democratic way of life.