How I Use Cycling to Beat My PTSD – and Win a Sprint Champion Jersey

I’m what you might call a PTSD graduate. It took a long time and a session with a Veterans Administration psychologist before I realized that PTSD was part of my life. I always knew that running and bicycling, actually any physical activity, improved my emotional outlook, but I didn’t know how important it was.

Fast forward a few years to the creation of the Cancer Journeys Foundation to help cancer survivors [full disclosure, I’m one of those as well] and I learned that bicycling also helped keep my immune system healthy and kept my prostate cancer at bay.

I wanted to create a fun program for other cancer and PTSD survivors, anyone actually, to make cycling a part of their wellness journey. So, we created a national Sprint Champion cycling program. We have segments around the US and in the United Kingdom.

The program is simple:

  • Visit the signup page
  • Find a segment you want to ride
  • Register
  • And ride the segment as many times as you like until December 31, 2020
  • If you are Number 1 in your USA Cycling age group at midnight on December 31, 2020, you win a free, very snazzy, Sprint Champion jersey!

Watch the video below and see if the challenge is for you.

Click the “Easy” button below for details. . .